Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She Was A Day 2

She Was A Day Tripper...

Olivia, Willa, Amy and I went to the city checked out what San Francisco Magazine said was "The Best" Donut and Sandwich stores. I'm wearing an H&M jean jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs top, Delia's pants and old Chuck Taylors.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Circus Ponies

These are the coolest, most colorful hair bands made by a friend of ours. They come in many colors and re extremely affordable. Sea Of Cortez is one of the many sets I own. Check it out-


My mom got me this. It's so cute! I love it, I bring it everywhere. Highly recomended.

Missoni Once More

Self explanitory.

Mad Hatter

I bought this hat at urban outfitters a while ago


Mabel and I were trying on some of my moms old vintage. Enjoy!

Mabel: Shirt from peru, vintage Betsey Johnson pants(my moms), my moms shoes from india.

Scarlett (me): Nacho Libre T (I know.), B.P. belt, Mom's vintage Missoni skirt, MIA pumps.