Sunday, April 3, 2011

Favorite looks- LF S/S 2011

All of these amazing looks tie into the "oh my god i am freaking DYING for summer" mood that has viciously struck my friends and I for the last 2 weeks. I honestly think that the teachers requiring us to put our sweatshirts in our backpacks at 8:30 am because it is going to be a whopping 85ยบ in Mill Valley is a teaser. Yeah, its summer but you have to be in school for the next 2 months! (cue: evil laugh) I wish for those summer days when you wear your bathing suit all day because its too hot to not and you're near the ocean or a pool that doesn't even need to be heated! I want to live in sandals for weeks straight again. I want to have a picnic and get sand in my food because thats what summer is. Enjoy the weather! xxx scarlett

p.s. Is it possible for me to buy every single thing at LF?

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