Thursday, August 18, 2011

wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings.

Upon popular request, I, Scarlett, have decided to compile a list of the blogs/websites I check daily (or more...) This list is constantly changing and I love finding new sites to see! xo

Blushing Ambition Because her style is similar to mine and I get many school outfit ideas from her. Because I love to draw shoes and the layout for accessories is amazing, you can always find what you want!

Into The Gloss For my make-up obsession fill!

We Heart It Great for finding images and beautiful things. You can find me here

D.L.S.W. Courtney updates so much, you can always find something new!

Style Rookie Though I think she gets way too much hype for what she does, I still look at it.

Honestly WTF Refreshing but, can get a little repetitive.

True F▲SHION Love My current favorite! Google Translate comes in handy here...

Canada Austin Very Entertaining.

Cupcakes & Cashmere Oh. My. Gosh. Beautiful.

Sea Of Shoes I was seriously debating on whether to add this because I often get extremely frustrated with this girl and her mom. I don't know her at all and I hate to judge but she just seems...well for lack of a better word: spoiled. Brand new expensive things get sent to her all the time and she is always buying something designer and brand new and she wears it once then never again. It doesn't seem like she appreciates that she has a bajillion dollar closet and nice things and she doesn't even have to work. Plus, who even uses typepad anymore...

Hope you enjoyed! comment below the links to your favorites blogs. I would love to see!

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