Saturday, September 22, 2012

holding onto summer

In northern California we have an indian summer, which is great for me because of my summer schedule. If I am in sunny Cape Cod while it is foggy in Mill Valley during the summer, when I get back to Mill Valley its "summer" weather. This makes my summer never ending. Considering that most of my clothes are floral shirts and a nude sandals, it works out perfectly. Most of this school week Scarlett and I were wearing Brandy Melville, a new favorite which finally arrived in San Fran. Something that we found everyone wearing were maxi skirts and small shirts that show some tummy. A classic California look. 

Scarlett: Brandy Melville skirt, Aldo sandals and American Apparel top

Annie: GAP t-shirt, Brandy Melville skirt
Sammy: Brandy Melville skirt, Urban Outfitters top, Nordstroms jacket

Annie: Brandy Melville crop top and pull over, Steve Madden sandals, Queen Esther skirt

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